Learn Flutter like a pro

Attending a workshop is a fantastic learning opportunity. It not only brings theoretical knowledge but a practical hands-on learning experience.

Break out

Trouble focusing on learning new technologies? Breaking out of your daily habits makes a workshop an ideal place to learn new concepts.

Guided courses

Practical exercises and challenges focused on a particular subject give room for new techniques outside of a day-to-day project setting.

In-person coaching

Successful workshops with less than 10 participants allow a close interaction, where all questions regarding the topic can be answered.

Available Courses

During a one-day workshop it is possible to complete two to three courses. Pick your preferred topics or suggest new ones.

Getting started

New to Flutter? Let's build our first app together! Learn how declarative UI works and when to use StatefulWidgets.

Continuous Integration

Build, Test, Analyze. Better let a CI server do the boring tasks while you focus on building stuff.

Platform Plugins

Wrap existing SDKs for Android and iOS in your own Flutter plugin. Learn how PlatformChannels work and why Protobuf might be the right tool for you.

Dart packages

Understand the fundamentals of dart packages. Build a package in pure dart and learn about SDK design.

Flutter state management

Extracting logic from view code is absolutely necessary for a maintainable code base. Learn how.

Test driven development

Deep dive into unit testing with Flutter. Test-driven development (TDD - Red, Green, Refactor) belongs in everyone's toolbox.

UI testing

Flutter is the first framework where UI testing actually fun. It works headless and isn't flaky.

Using Isolates

Flutter is single threaded which makes it easy to accidentally drop frames. Fix this by using Isolates.


Flutters animations are build frame by frame. Sounds hard? This is what makes it so flexible!

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