About Pascal Welsch

Hi, I’m Pascal Welsch, a Software Engineer and CTO of PHNTM, as well as the Co-Founder of the Flutter feedback tool Wiredash.


I was an early adopter of Flutter and quickly became a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart in 2017. Around that time, I left native Android Development behind and focused mostly on building multi-platform apps with Flutter.


Today I lead the development at PHNTM, a Flutter Agency with ~15 developers. We focus on well-tested, high-quality Flutter apps that deliver stunning user experiences on all platforms. With Flutter being a rather new technology, I have a strong focus on coaching our engineers and making sure we share our knowledge in code reviews, pair-programming sessions, and regular coding dojos.
I heavily believe in open-source and try to give back to the community as much as I can. Our feedback tool for Flutter apps, Wiredash, is open-source too and available on GitHub.


When possible, I speak at conferences and write blog posts about my learnings. Contact me when I should speak at your event!


I currently reside in Cologne, Germany, and I am always happy to connect with other professionals in the field at conferences and other events.

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Flutter Developer

I build high-quality, native app experiences using Flutter for all Platform. Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web!
Let's build your next app together!


Get a workshop for your team or technical guidance for your next Flutter project from a Google Developer Expert.


Inspiring people at large conferences or deep dive into tech at your local meetup. Invite me and let me share my experiences!

Google Developer Expert

The Experts Program by Google is a global program to recognize individuals who are experts and thought leaders in one or more Google technologies. These professionals actively contribute and support the developer and startup ecosystems around the world, helping them build and launch highly innovative apps.

Flutter Workshops

I offer a variety of workshops around Flutter. No matter if your team is just starting with Flutter or you are looking for training in a specific sector like testing. I got you covered!

Favorite projects

“The biggest reward for my open-source projects is when I see others using them to solve their real-world problems.”

– Pascal Welsch


Wiredash is probably the easiest, and most convenient way to capture in-app user feedback, wishes, ratings and much more. The SDK is completely written in Dart and runs on Android, iOS, Desktop and the Web. For more info, head over to wiredash.io.


Simplifies manual JSON parsing with a type-safe API.

No dynamic, no manual casting
Flexible inputs types, fixed output types
Useful parsing error messages

spot (Experiment)

Chainable finders and better assertions for Flutter widget tests


Dart CLI generator for Flutter and Dart apps - extend your project with custom tasks, add a sidekick to your app.

Write your automation scripts in Dart - a language all your coworkers are comfortable with - while fully supporting debugging and testing without losing the simplicity of executing shell scripts.


An opinionated, community-driven set of lint rules for Dart and Flutter projects. Like pedantic but stricter


Superpowers for Dart. Collection of useful static extension methods.


This project is a port of Kotlin’s Standard library for Dart/Flutter projects. It's a useful addition to dart:core and includes collections (KtList, KtMap, KtSet) as well as other packages which can improve every Dart/Flutter app.

Flutter Wrapper

Cross platform shell script to execute Flutter projects which downloads and updates Flutter on demand.

Flutter Merge Twitter Bot

Twitter Bot that posts the latest merges of Pull Requests in to the Flutter repositiory